Ante Kovačić elementary school gym

school gym form through two sections

The subject of this task was to design a sports hall which by its appearance, construction, material and function occupies the space subtly, without distorting it or changing its tectonics, and which becoms its integral part and logical extension.Conceived as an object composed of many different prefabricated elements, it looks as a prefabricated facility designed by engineers, unintrusive to the surrounding area. The design of the hall is conceived through the relationship between two cross-sections, one which satisfies the given function and the other which is linked to the surrounding area. The membrane form is the result of the translation of the functional cross-section along the spatial cross-section. The resulting space, although biaxially symmetric, creates asymmetric spatial experience, with a constantly variable cross-section and character.

standardization vs variation

The three basic functional elements: the sports field, the spatial membrane, the accompanying facilities – have become the basic guidelines of the visual, spatial and programmatic consideration of the facility. Utilitarian and additional programmatic elements are distributed in such a way to form a circle around the sports field. The circling hall is functionally active throughout its length. It contains the school lobby, gallery, dressing rooms, sports court, grandstands, club gallery and entrance hall. All elements within the hall are prefabricated, which allows modification of their space and transformation of sporting facilities into a theater, conference hall or something else.

school gym elements of gym

This hall is conceived as a lightweight prefabricated spatial element which grows from to the surrounding area and which, after a certain time, can be removed from the given space without leaving any trace.

gym interior