Homeland as a Spectrum

Spectral Monument Spectral Monument concept diagram

Language, manners, customs, climate, flora, fauna, people, buildings, laughter, love, sorrow, fear, pride, memories, culture... A homeland is a celebration of cultural richness, freedom of expression and a multitude of opinions. It is impossible to give a comprehensive definition of what a homeland actually is. A homeland is an open-ended concept that accommodates ones that associate it to language, as well as those that relate to her through nature, food, family, friends... Homeland is an intangible and a multifaceted feeling. It covers a spectrum of topics, and each topic becomes a new spectrum. The colours, sounds, smells, tastes, ideas... A field, a line, a pixel. Each element enshrines a world of its own. From the checkerboard to the pixel, the idea of a digital grid becomes a theme of rethinking the personal, the national and the global identity. A monument is no longer a fixed image. It questions past narratives and wants to articulate future ones. The homeland monument is therefore like a screen which broadcasts a variety of films, imbued with the articulations of any citizen.

A spectral monument is a place of introspection, strolling, leisure, experiencing scents, hiding, reading, observing, thinking, being... A monument is a places of rest with oak, beech, pine, ash, elm, maple, chestnut, linden, birch, spruce and fir benches... a monument is a play of water and fountains, a reinvigoration... A monument is also a ever-changing virtual exhibition of poetry, videos, performances and texts which articulate a wavering society... A monument is the smell of every cherry tree, grape vine tendrils, lusciousness of apples, the shade of pine and maple trees... A monument is also a laurel leaf, voluminosity of blue fescues, cheesewood, boxwood, colourful oleanders, the smell of rosemary, the wind in the reeds... A monument is an elderberry’s spring blossom, the wind that carries the scent of lavender and the sunflower’s flexibility, the opulence of lilacs, the wild-grown privet and meticulously cultivated roses… A monument is a daily playful screening, water, light, sound, Wi-Fi... A monument is all the stones built into its base; big, small, polished, rough, dark, bright, artificial and natural; from the north and the south, the east and the west...

Spectral Monument Plans

In the process of conceiving the homeland monument, we are guided by the belief that what articulates the homeland must be an open-ended story of multiple meanings. The monument becomes a space of events and a space of memories. It is a choreography of its own identity in space. Therefore, any citizen participates in his/her own right, ideas, thoughts, indexes, pixels. The spectral monument is an inversion of a mimetic monument; it is a range of probabilities and indexes, related to the numerous historical narratives, spaces and times. It renounces the idea of having a single focus; it articulates the public space, the liminal space of a public square and park, a dignified and representative culmination upon entering the city. The spectral monument is therefore an almost magical instrument that affects the time and space in which we live.

Spectral Monument Ingredients

Organisational Poem:

Organisational poem Spectral Monument organisation